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DHQ hospital department of pathology and laboratory is a full service clinical and anatomic pathology laboratory dedicated to provide diagnostic excellence. Our facility utilizes latest state of art instrumentation and medical technology. Our staff consists of American Board certified pathologist and professor level pathologists as well as medical technologists striving to meet the highest standard of care that our clinical practices.




We provide state of the art diagnostic testing and consultative services based on physician’s and patient’s choice and requests. The staff is experienced, board certified and commented to achieve to highest standard of patient care through providing excellent timely services and pathologic reports.

Our physicians provide direct access to review and discuss all lab results. This well communication helps to provide excellent pathology services to our physicians and patients to optimize patient treatment and management plan.





  • Chemistry

    A wide range of serum chemistry tests are performed on state of the art BECKMAN Coulter Equipment AU480. This instrument has a broad list of analyzes.  There is an internal quality assurance program. Duly quality control runs are tested. The equipment is calibrated as per manufactures recommendation. Prior to performing clinical testing every day the instrument is tested with manufactures provided quality control material to ensure proper functioning of the equipment. Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly preventive maintenance is performed on the machine. Likewise the special chemistry equipment is excess too. A similar spectrum of quality control is performed on this equipment prior to patient testing.

  •  Blood gasses

    Blood gasses is a specialized area which is equipped with latest equipment by SIEMENS and NOVA diagnostics. The test is performed as soon as the specimen arrives in the lab. These equipments are capable of not only providing blood gasses but also electrolytes. Provision of such test results in a quick and short time helps physicians in emergency situations in the emergency room as well as in CCU and ICU to better manage patient’s clinically.

  •  Blood bank

    Blood bank provide ABO and Rh testing along with Coombs direct and Indirect tests. We are equipped with “TRIMA accel” equipment for plateletpheresis/cell separator. This is a most modern equipment and whenever there is a need of mega units of platelets donors are hooked on to the machine by our trained medical technology staff and a mega unit is prepared in a period of 1 to 1 and half hour and the product is available for patients in future.

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